Message from the President

The following is a message to customers from Akio Watanabe, Representative Director, President of Komiyama Electron Co., Ltd., the company supplying vacuum equipment for FPD and semiconductor production.

Komiyama Electron since its foundation has been acting as “A Manufacturer with Good Faith.”
We supply vacuum systems, parts and components mainly for production of flat panel display (FPD). This business field looks very splendid and advanced at first, and so in this market the required technology level is getting higher and higher. Therefore, we understand the most essential is our daily and steady effort at self-renovation.

There is scarcely any chance for us to see vacuum equipment in our ordinary life. However, the technology to create them makes our life affluent, and takes inevitable part in social development.

We are going to investigate and to develop vacuum technology for future needs with our best effort. In another words we will continue challenge to the unlimited potential of vacuum technology with further investigation.
We sincerely hope growing up to a trustworthy company for customers to give continuous preference, and also hope to be a capable company for us to dedicate social contribution.

Akio Watanabe  Representative Director, President  Komiyama Electron Co., Ltd.


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