Environmental and Clean Energy Technology

We have been developing clean energy technology relating to global environment issues as well as our proper vacuum technology.

Commitment to Environmental Preservation

Commitment to Environmental Preservation

The preservation of the environment is now worldwide problem. We realized clean energy supply by the application of electrolysis of water. This new technology will contribute to solution of environmental problems such as reduction of CO2 and environmental impact material, saving of resources and saving of energy.

Advantage of Electrolysis

■Reduction of Cost

  • High economic efficiency can be obtained since the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas is generated by electrolysis of water.

■Environmental Load

  • Contribution to the emission control of environmental impact material
  • Contribution to saving of resource and energy.

Hydrogen/Oxygen Mixture Gas Generator

Hydrogen/Oxygen mixture gas generator

It is a revolutionary system generating hydrogen/oxygen gas mixture by application of principle of electrolysis of water (see the right photo). As it is compactly designed, operation under saved space condition is possible.


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