Titanium Processing Technology

We have been developing various technologies for fabrication of Titanium vacuum chamber.

Machining Technology of Titanium

Machining technology of Titanium

Though it was said difficult, we have developed our original technology to fabricate Ti vacuum seal including Ti UHV flange.

Also we have dry machining technology without cutting fluid and we apply it to the final adjustment machining of vacuum chamber.

Low Oxidation Welding

Low oxidation welding

In fabrication of UHV chamber, welding technology which extremely prevents oxidation is adopted.
Welding in a gas shield box is shown in the right photo. Regarding large vacuum chamber, it is welded up with gas shielding jig.

Surface Treatment

We apply optimum surface treatment to vacuum chamber for each customer's requirement. We have surface treatment technology with which lower out gassing than that of stainless steel vacuum chamber is obtainable.


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