Vacuum Technology

We have established high level technology necessary for design, parts machining, assembling, adjustment and installation of vacuum equipment.

Design of Basic Specification

Design of basic specification

Form our plenty of technical data we pick out best specification satisfying your request. We design basic specification of the surface treatment and pumping system of the vacuum chamber.

Design with CAD/CAM

By means of CAD/CAM we promise you designing with high precision and high quality. After the design completed we simulate its performance on CAD.

Design of Vacuum Chamber

Design of vacuum chamber

Necessary wall thickness and reinforcing ribs of the vacuum chamber are optimized by the finite element method using computer.

Vacuum Test

Vacuum test

All kind of vacuum tests will be done on the vacuum equipment before delivery, i.e., out-gassing measurement by build-up and flow-rate methods, effective pumping rate measurement and so on. And only the products which passed the hard inspection will be packed and then shipped out.


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